How Restaurants Are Tripling Sales Through Facebook

I wanted to write a short little tip sheet on successfully running a Facebook Page for a restaurant. I do a lot of social media audits for restaurants and these are some of the main things I always suggest. These three short little tips are sure to boost engagement, increase foot traffic, and increase sales. I’ve seen some restaurants increase sales as much as 3x from these tips alone!


#1 Facebook allows you to choose a template for your business page, and in this case, we would want to choose the restaurant template. This design automatically structures the page to display the information your customers need to see like hours, phone number, reservations, peak hours, etc.) By doing this, it will make your customers search for food much easier and will also put you in a better position within Facebook’s algorithm for organic growth.


#2 Post your menu to Facebook. It’s a super simple thing to do with the restaurant template I mentioned above and will make your customer happy, as they will be able to see everything you offer without having to go to a third party site for your menu. If they have a question, the messenger button isn’t too far away either. It’s crazy how many restaurants I do social media audits for, and they don’t have this feature enabled on their Facebook page!


#3 Use Facebook Ads to drive new traffic to your restaurant. These ads are hyper-targeted, meaning you can target, age, gender, interests, ethnicities, food preferences, other food brands in your niche, and so many other classifications. Not many restaurants are doing this currently (I’ve seen massive success for the ones who are using this), and I’m confident they will work for you as well. Be sure to design these inside of the ads manager and not use the “boost post” button, as the ads will deliver to fewer people and you won’t be able to use the targeting feature to find your ideal customers.


Ninja Tip: Use giveaways in your Facebook Ads to build a massive email list for just several dollars (literally).


I hope this tip sheet helped you out and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!


If you would like to learn more about how you can boost your restaurant’s sales from social media marketing and would like a free social media audit, send me a message or call me at 262-902-0138.